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About Us

Very Important People Services (VIPS)

Very Important People Services (VIPS)

Very Important People Services (VIPS) is a skills and activity hub working with children and young adults with SEN (Special Educational Needs) based in Enfield, London. We offer care and support for children as young as 8+ all the way up to 18. Then from 18+ we offer a young adults service where they can easily transition over to and continue their journey with us, learning key skills about how to live a successful, independent life.

What is our main goal?

We aim to support and care for our younger service users in a way that will help them grow and learn through play. Plus, many trips out into the community, assisting them in building on their social skills, whilst having fun and making new friends. Our highly trained and experienced staff are always there to lend a hand when necessary and take great pleasure in doing so.

Our main goal is to support our younger members all the way up to the time they become young adults starting their path to succeeding, in an independent life, after leaving school.

How do we achieve this?

Life Skills

At Very Important People Services we help our young adults develop their independent life and social skills by assisting them in areas they may want to gain experience and build confidence within. This allows for them to gain the knowledge that is required to succeed in living more independently. Such skills include learning to cook for themselves, travel training, hygiene education and anything specifically requested by the individual, parents and carers.

Social Skills

Strengthening social skills allows young people to live fulfilling social lives. We do this by arranging for them to attend a wide range of enjoyable events, where they can spend time within the community and build strong relationships alongside learning appropriate behaviours within different environments. This is all done under the supervision of our friendly, highly trained staff. Our staff understand the importance of safeguarding whilst enabling individuals to interact freely with one another. This is a vital skill they must learn to use when socialising independently.