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Our Staff

Very Important People Services (VIPS)

Our wonderful VIPS staff

Loraine Stock

‘At VIPS we run an inclusive programme of activities to meet all needs. We offer varied sessions throughout the week. We also work and support parents if needed. Over the years it has become like one big family introducing new service users to those that have been with us for ten years plus! We have a multitude of skilled staff bringing their different qualities to our service. I believe this is what makes us unique.’

Jonathan Stock
(Assistant Manager)

‘It gives me huge satisfaction to say that I am a part of VIPS. The whole team are amazing and hold a strong bond with both each other and our young people that attend. Whatever direction you look in you see a smile and that personally makes it all worthwhile for me. Our staff are all amazing in assisting our members in having fun and learning something new all at the same time.’

David Stock
(Bus Driver / Support Worker)

‘Working for VIPS puts a huge smile on my face to see that all of our children and young adults are always happy to be there. It is so nice to be part of such a caring team of people. Myself and the rest of the staff have lots of fun with the children and young adults that attend our day/evening and weekend services.’

Kazz Chmiel
(Support Worker)

‘Working at VIPs never fails to leave you without a smile. The members are a pleasure to work alongside. My favourite is the theatre treats to London or the seaside visits. One of the members had never seen the sea before and that was just priceless!’

Debbie Parsons
(Support Worker)

‘From the moment I started VIPS I knew I would love it! Staff are warm and friendly and work together as a team. Staff ensure that the service users are in a safe environment and that their day is enjoyable. They also know that they will be listened to and guided. I can honestly say it is more like being with family and friends than work. I personally feel 100% appreciated by Loraine and her lovely team.’

Danny Bryan
(Support Worker)

‘I enjoy working with VIPS because we all work well as a team and I love working with the children and young adults that attend our sessions.’

Mina Barzegar
(Support Worker)

‘Working at VIPS isn’t like any other job. It’s a community full of love, care and support. I love seeing the different service users each day and seeing the relationship between them and all the staff develop throughout the time we have with them. The moment you walk through the door it feels like home!’

Helen Ilett
(Support Worker)

‘One of the most enjoyable things about working at VIPS is seeing how happy the Service Users are as they take part in all the activities set out and planned for them each day. It is great to be part of an enthusiastic team, dedicated to ensuring the Service Users experience fun filled days with us. My time spent at VIPS, interacting with the Service Users, is so enjoyable that it just doesn’t feel like work!’

Graham Kingsbury
(Support Worker)

‘I love working at VIPS because the kids, young adults and staff all have a great time together.’

Tiffany Nugent
(Support Worker)

‘I am proud of working with VIPS because it is run with lots of care, understanding, consideration & professionalism & is of the utmost importance to both the service users & the staff at all times.

I am very grateful for the people on the spectrum who share a small part of their lives with us at VIPS & it is deeply rewarding to see the world from a perspective which can be at times different from my own.’

Kelly Flat
(Support Worker)

‘My favourite thing about VIPs, is the amazing young adults I get to work, help and have fun with. I always come away at the end of the day with a smile!’

Darcie Martin
(Support Worker)

‘The best thing about VIPS is it just feels like you’re hanging out with a load of mates – and I’m not talking about the staff! The vibe is so warm and special. My favourite things are going on day trips because the service users love being out and about, but I also love just simply sitting and colouring because this is when we chat away about all sorts.’

Connor Henderson
(Support Worker)

‘I enjoy every day at vips as there’s always something different on offer. From our day trips out to bowling, cinema and restaurants, to just chilling out at our youth centre, playing PlayStation or making something nice to eat for lunch. It’s so rewarding to be part of such a strong team and helping the children and young adults improve their social and independence skills as we go.’

Simon Keyes
(Support Worker)

‘VIPs isn’t like any other day service, it’s a family. The relationships between the service users and staff are incredible. Each day is different but everyday is enjoyable.’