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Day Services

Very Important People Services (VIPS)

Day Services

We are so pleased to finally announce that our Very Important People Services 18+ day service will now be available to book on from 2nd August 2021.

Where can you find us?

Our new VIPS day services venue will be based at Lancaster Road Community Hall at: 49 Lancaster Road, Enfield, London, EN2 0BS


Initially we will be running our day service Monday – Wednesday 9.30 – 2.30 (extended hours available upon request). We are also likely to be offering a full 5 day a week Monday – Friday around December 2021.

What we offer

We offer a service that focuses on healthy living, staying active, exploring the community, learning new independence and life skills and overall a welcoming community that will make each young adult that attends feel as valued as they deserve to. We offer many fun on-site activities such as a chill out area, where our young adults can simply chill and have a chat or watch a movie, zumba dance classes, sporting activities, arts and crafts, pool, table tennis, outdoor play, baking lessons, a book/puzzle corner, a beauty station where our young adults can sit and enjoy a manicure/pedicure, discos (to celebrate special dates in the year, such as Christmas or any of our young adults birthdays). As well as all of this we will be offering the choice of further education with key academic skills like reading and writing (at any level) and maths skills (learning to identify different quantities of money and using the correct amounts when paying in shops). This will all be taught by our fully qualified VIPS teacher.


We guarantee that our young adults will learn some vital independence skills during their time spent with us. This will include healthy cooking lessons, travel training, hygiene and self-help education, shopping (food, clothing and luxuries), social skills and anything else requested by parents/carers or most importantly the young adult themselves.

We try to promote healthy eating as much as possible (of course with the odd treat here and there) and do this by offering cooking lessons at our fully equipped VIPS kitchen on site. We will be either making breakfast or lunch daily, with as much (or little) guidance required from our friendly, highly experienced staff.

We will also be spending lots of time out and about in the community going on various trips to not only have lots of fun, but to gain knowledge of our local (and not so local) communities. Not only will our young adults enjoy the luxury of our new VIPS bus, but we will also be encouraging independent travel using different bus and train routes.

Trips to date

West End theatre and musicals
Multi-sports (run by Tottenham Hotspur FC)
Shopping centres
Shrek’s Adventure
Various restaurants
Dance clubs (where our young adults participate in dance shows)
Youth Centres
Paradise Park
Local parks
Clacton-On-Sea pier/beach (a favourite for all of our young adults)
Jump (trampoline park)
Amusement parks
Premier League football matches
London site seeing (where we always eat out)

And many more….

If there is a particular place that your young adult is keen to visit, just let us know and we will add it to our ‘wish list’ and make it happen!