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Work Experience

Very Important People Services (VIPS)

VIPS Plus Young Adult Volunteers

Within our young adults services (VIPS PLUS) we believe that it is crucial for our young adults to get a taste of what it is like to work, as part of becoming an independent young adult. We therefore offer work experience to our service users to help them flourish into responsible young adults. Learning many new skills along the way, such as time keeping, communication skills, responsibilities and working as part of a team.

Ben Ryan-Smith

‘I like VIPS because I can help people, just like the staff have helped me to become an independent traveler. I also help everyone get ready for lunch and I enjoy it very much’

Gary Marshall

‘I’m very happy working for VIPS and I like it here very much. I like coming here everyday. I also like helping as an escort on the bus when picking up the children and other young adults like me’